Why we recommend rental iPhone, cell/mobile phone service.
See why it’s right for you.

We would like to explain to you the benefits of our rental data cards and iPhones from my own experience. I used to work at this Japanese corporation once. During that time, I and my family lived in the United States for 5 years. I have visited Japan many times in those five years, both for business and private. Of course, I did not have any mobile data cards or cell phones to access internet or makes calls. When I was in Japan for business, I could only access internet through my laptop from hotel. I had to pay about 1500JPY ($14)/day to access internet at the hotels, which accounts to about 7500JPY ($65) in five days stay. In addition, I can only access internet when I am at the hotel. Because of that, I had to deal with over 100 emails when I got back from dinner with my customers late at night, while suffering from a jet lag. Some of those e mails were urgent, and I could not respond on time. Also, Japanese companies do not provide Wi-Fi internet access points for guests. So it limited me to use only presentations and not Webex and real time demonstrations, lacking a visual appeal.

Also most Japanese people cannot understand English, but pretends to understand it, so it is important for me to do a real time presentation. With our service, you can access internet anytime, anywhere and check your emails on free time or perform a real time presentation. Not only that, you can also chat with your family for free via Online Telephone Service Skype™ or look up restaurants on Google Maps™. Although there are companies with similar services, many of them only provide Japanese language utility software. Below is an actual screen of such utility software. Would you like to use such software? If not, make sure you receive English utility software. Our utility software is compatible with Windows Vista™, Windows 7™, and Macintosh™ all in English.

Here is the actual screenshot.

One time I rented a mobile data card for about 4days, I was charged twice the price of what it should have been otherwise because that rental period started in September and ended in October. Other companies charge you for two months if your rent period includes month change. Unlike these companies, we calculate our charges by days, JPY4500 ($45) for first 3days and JPY900 ($9) for any additional days.

For cellular phones, numerous other companies provide phone rentals in Japan. Some of them claim their phone rental is “free”, yet charges “minute” fees. Now, let us talk about cell phone rentals in Japan. I hope it will be useful information for you.
As you probably know, Japan’s cellar phone services are very advanced and they provide variety of services such as voice calls, emails, and web access. There are three main cell phone carriers in Japan, NTT docomo, AU, and Softbank. They are equivalent of AT&T and Verizon in U.S. Those three carriers practically cover entire Japan.

In Japan, internet browsing with cellular phone is very common. However, it can be inconvenience for people who come from outside Japan. Although the phone itself can change its language to English, many mobile web sites do not have English options. You can still access foreign web sites via directly inputting web address, but they are not designed for Japanese cell phones, so they are hard to use. For example, many people use Gmail as their mobile email account. If you try to access Gmail from Japanese cell phone, it will be redirected to Japanese version of Gmail. Of course, it is in Japanese, so unless you can read Japanese, you cannot use it.

In addition, because Japanese cell phone is a multipurpose design, it is high complicated and frustrating to use.
For calling rates, Japanese companies do not charge the call receivers unlike U.S. phone carriers. Instead, callers are charged slightly more than in U.S. Some rental companies charges incoming minutes, but we do not do such thing.
If you use oversea call service of NTT docomo, AU, or Softbank, charges can get quite expensive. I participated in phone conference from Japan, and CFO called me to his office about few hundred dollars of phone call. We use overseas calling service from Viva Plus and can provide overseas calls for reasonable price.

You can use your cell phone from your country in Japan, but AT&T and Verizon will charges you expensive roaming fees. My American coworker who traveled with me to Japan had to see CFO about his phone charges also.

You can use this low cost overseas call very easily. Regularly, you have to buy a calling card and enter 10 digit IDs and passwords, and then you can finally make a call. I have tried it once, but I had to hold my bag, have calling card out, and enter the IDs and passwords only with two hands. I wished I had a third hand. All minutes of calling card was used up during a call and it was dropped. So I had to return to hotel and recharge it via internet.
Our service only requires you to call the calling center and enter the phone number you wish to make a call to.

How to call:
Call 12-3456-1234. Follow English instruction and enter phone number you want to call. That is all.

You do not have to charge calling cards or anything. We will just bill you later.
From these experiences, I believe iPhone is the best for global usage, and that is why we lend iPhones. If you already use an iPhone in your country, you can use the exactly same model in your language.
Gmail will be displayed normally.

And it has GPS, so you do not need to worry about getting lost.

If you do not know how to use an iPhone yet, you can quickly learn it in three minutes just like I did.
Data transfer (internet access) fees are fixed, so you can use as much as you want during rental period. If you use your own iPhone in Japan, the access fee will be very expensive. So it is not a good idea unless you are a millionaire.
Also, some rental companies lend SIM card only for iPhones, but many iPhones can only take SIM cards from certain carriers. So do be careful about it.

You can synchronize your iPhone with iTunes on your laptop and use your contacts and listen to your music.

Your personal information stored in rental iPhone can be deleted by resetting the iPhone before you return it. If you happen to forget to reset it, we will do so the first thigh after we receive it.
We will hand you/collect rental iPhones via mail package, unlike other companies that does it at airport. This will save you the trouble of extra task after long plane flight and cut some cost for us. We will deliver it to your specified hotels or wherever you are staying before your arrival, so you can get it at check in. After you are done with the phone, you can just place in prepaid package provided by us and throw it into nearest post.

We will deliver the best services we can provide to you.