Rental Data Card

Sorry, Data Card rental service is not available.
Please consider Pocket Wifi rental service for your better internet connection while traveling in Japan.
data card

Rent a 7.2Mbps Data Card

  • 7.2Mbps Internet Access
  • Unlimited Data
  • USB Plug & Play
  Rental Not Available  

Rent a Data Card for Internet Access
from anywhere in Japan

We provide the most competitive data card rental service for foreign visitors
in Japan that need mobile internet access. With our WiFi data card rental service,
you can access internet from your laptop almost anywhere, including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto,etc.
Our service includes unlimited internet access and data transfer, without any extra fees.

Your benefits with our Data Card rental service in japan

D22HW Specification

Size (W×H×D) 25.0mm×12.0mm×87.0mm
Weight 25g
Color White
Communication Speed W-CDMA
Down:Max7.2Mbps/Up Max:1.4Mbps
Supported Operating System Windows Vista 32bit、64bit
Windows XP Professional Home edition Service Pack 2
Windows 7
Mac OS Ⅹ 10.4~10.6

Data Card Rantal Plan

Rental Fee

Data Card Rental Fee Includes shipping to anywhere in Japan

1-3 days Data Card Rental Additional 1day Data Card Rental
Data Card Rental Fee 4,500 JPY(convert) 550 JPY(convert)

Data Card Rental fee by days

DAY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
RENT 4,500 5,050 5,600 6,150 6,700
DAY 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
RENT 7,250 7,800 8,000
DAY 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
RENT 9,000
DAY 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
RENT 10,000
DAY 29 30 30+ days
RENT 10,000 10,000+ 330/day

Rental Steps

Rental terms

Please fix your rental terms. Your rental terms is defined as below.

Rental terms


Free Airport Delivery

Please check the business hours of your pick up location to ensure you get your order on time.

NARITA / Terminal 1  [Dep.Central Bldg, 4F - Post Office] 08:30-20:00  365days  Pick Up Location MAP
NARITA / Terminal 2  [Dep.Main Bldg, 3F - Post Office] 08:30-20:00  365days  Pick Up Location MAP
KANSAI (KIX)   [Terminal 1 Bldg, 2F (South) - Post Office] 09:00-17:00  365days  Pick Up Location MAP
Chubu(Centrair)  [Dep.- YAMATO Baggage Service] 06:30-21:30  365days  Pick Up Location MAP
New Chitose  [Dep.Domestic Terminal, 2F - Post Office] 09:00-17:00  365days  Pick Up Location MAP

Please use the Premium delivery when you pickup at Haneda Int. Air port

Premium delivery for Airport

For customers arriving early morning or late night (other than normal business Hours), use premium delivery.

NARITA / Terminal 1 [Arr.North/South Wing- QL Liner] 06:30-Last Flight  365days  540 JPY Pick Up Location MAP
NARITA / Terminal 2 [Arr.- QL Liner] 06:30-Last Flight  365days  540 JPY Pick Up Location MAP
KANSAI(KIX) / Terminal 1 [Arr.- JAL ABC Counter] 06:15-22:30  365days  1,420 JPY Pick Up Location MAP
Haneda [Arr.- JAL ABC Counter] 24H  365days  1,220 JPY Pick Up Location MAP
New Chitose [Arr.- Temporary Baggage Storage] 07:30-19:00  365days  1,620 JPY Pick Up Location MAP
Fukuoka [Arr.- YAMATO Transport Counter] 07:30-21:30  365days  1,620 JPY Pick Up Location MAP


When you rent your device, you will receive the rental items, plus a prepaid return envelope. To return the device to us, please place all rental items into the prepaid return envelope, seal it, and then drop it in any mailbox. You will easily find mailboxes all around Japan, as well as in the airport before the security gates. You do not have to directly return the rental items to our office counter. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Why we do not provide loss/damage insurance for DATA CARD.

In many cases, our rental products are covered by general travel insurance (including travel insurance provided with a credit card). It is quite common for our customers to lose our product along with their own iPhone etc. We highly recommend using a travel insurance for such cases. Please also check with your insuarance agency/company beforehand to know that you can use the travel insurance or no. In case of loss/damage, Global Advanced Communication will provide any necessary documents for insurance policy.