WiFi rental in Japan

WiFi rental in Japan

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Portable Charger 800JPY
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Need a pocket WiFi in Japan?
Stop hunting for WiFi Hot Spots in Japan
Get connected anywhere in japan

In Japan, it is difficult to find locations that provide free WiFi,and even if you did,
it is not fast enough for internet access most of the time.
Renting a pocket WiFi in Japan is the best solution to accessthe internet with
your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and more.
Also, you will not need to worry about getting charged expensive roaming fees.
We strongly recommend renting a pocket wifi for your trip to Japan.

Learn more about the WiFi environment in Japan

About a pocket Wi-Fi

Rent a Pocket Wifi WiFi, device (HOTSPOT MIFI) 
for Internet Access from anywhere in Japan.
Rent a Pocket Wifi WiFi, device (HOTSPOT MIFI) 
for Internet Access from anywhere in Japan.

  •  A Pocket WiFi (HOTSPOT MiFi) is a personal WiFi router and the ideal mobile broadband solution for iPad and laptop users who need high-speed wireless connection, anytime and anywhere in Japan.
  •  Simply by turning on the Wi-Fi switch, you can enjoy high-speed mobile broadband network on the spot, without carrying a bulk of internet cables.
    The Pocket Wifi (HOTSPOT MiFi ) can automatically create group internet access
    and individual WiFi hotspots; wirelessly connect to various devices such as iPad, laptops, digital cameras, iPhone, Android phone and PSPs; and play games online and transfer pictures.
    (When playing games, connecting only 1 device is recommended.)
  •  The Pocket Wifi (HOTSPOT MiFi) fits easily into your pocket or handbag, allowing WiFi connection at your fingertip.
  •  Learn more about the WiFi environment in Japan.
  • Your benefits with our rental Pocket WiFi service in Japan
    Your benefits with our rental Pocket WiFi service in Japan

  •  Rental High-speed internet Pocket WiFi: 150Mbps, 350Mbps in Japan ( at optimal condition).
  •  Unlimited internet access : No additional fees will be incurred for data access.
  •  Easy pickup: We deliver the pocket WiFi to the Airport, hotel, residence, office , etc in Japan.
    Airport Pickup available at Narita airport, Haneda Airport, Kansai (KIX) Airport , Chubu (Centrair) Airport, Chitose Airport, Fukuoka Airport in Japan.
  •  No installation required to use the rental Pocket WiFi.
    The Pocket WiFi 150Mbps , 350Mbps covers approximately 90% of Japan.
  •  Our service covers a wider range than BIC Wimax and UQ WiMAX’s pocket WiFi devices that only covers a few cities in Japan.
    Make phone calls from Japan to your home or office using Skype, LINE, or other applications while connected to a Pocket WiFi.
  •  Flexible rental policy , starting from 4 days of rental period.
    We accept VISA, Master and AmEx credit cards for payment.
    No deposit is required.
    Delivery is usually completed one day before rental start date so that customers staying at hotels can pickup the device(s) at any time on that day.
  • Rental Plan

    Pocket Wifi Rental Fee Includes shipping/return fee Anywhere in Japan

    Super Premium Wifi
    ▾ PLAN First 4 days 5th and later days
    Japan wifi rental mobile type
    Super Premium Wifi
    350 Mbps Model
    5,600 JPY
    (1,400 JPY / DAY)
    460 JPY / DAY

     Depending on the supplies, you may receive a device different from the picture above, but with the equivalent performance and functionality.

    Rental fee by days
    DAY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    RENT 5,600 6,060 6,520 6,980
    DAY 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
    RENT 7,440 7,900 8,360 8,820 9,280 9,740 10,200
    DAY 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
    RENT 10,660 11,120 11,580 12,040 12,500 12,960 13,420
    DAY 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
    RENT 13,880 14,340 14,800 15,260 15,720 16,180 16,640
    DAY 29 30 30+ days
    ※For rentals longer than 30 days,
    please contact us.
    RENT 17,100 17,560 17,560 + 460/day

    Premium Wifi
    ▾ PLAN First 4 days 5th and later days
    Japan wifi rental mobile type
    Premium Wifi
    150 Mbps Model
    5,200 JPY
    (1,300JPY / DAY)
    360 JPY / DAY

     Depending on the supplies, you may receive a device different from the picture above, but with the equivalent performance and functionality.

    Rental fee by days
    DAY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    RENT 5,200 5,560 5,920 6,280
    DAY 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
    RENT 6,640 7,000 7,360 7,720 8,080 8,440 8,800
    DAY 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
    RENT 9,160 9,520 9,880 10,240 10,600 10,960 11,320
    DAY 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
    RENT 11,680 12,040 12,400 12,760 13,120 13,480 13,840
    DAY 29 30 30+ days
    ※For rentals longer than 30 days,
    please contact us.
    RENT 14,200 14,560 14,560 + 360/day

    ∗∗∗ Although we advertise that the WiFi provides unlimited data, your internet connection may be throttled by the network provider when your average data consumption exceeds around 5GB per day.
    This is due to the fair use policy, which is common with mobile internet devices.
    In order for you to enjoy your trip, we recommend using the pocket WiFi for a relatively light internet activity.

    ∗∗∗ Any person who distributes copyrighted audio or video files on the internet without permission shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to ten years or with a fine of not more than 10,000,000 yen, or with both.

    ∗∗∗ Any person who knowingly downloads illegally uploaded audio or video files even for personal use shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years or a fine of not more than 2,000,000 yen.


    Some Pocket WiFi rental companies offers only monthly price rates, and may be inconvenient for customers who plan to stay in Japan for a short time.
    We have a more flexible pricing system, which calculates the rental fee by days, starting from a minimum of 4 days.

    Portable Charger

    Wifi Battery

    For any smartphone/WiFi device
    If you are planning to go outdoors for most of the day, we would also like to recommend the Portable Charger(portable power bank), which will prolong the battery life of your device for an additional 8-10 hours.
    The price for a rental Portable Charger is 800 yen flat rate.
    The Portable Charger is USB rechargeable.
    Premium Insurance

    Premium Insurance fixed charge 500JPY

    For reparable breakdown or visible damage : Free
    For non-repairable damage, water leakage : 30% of the device (or accessory) price is charged to you (70% is paid by us)
    For loss or theft : 30% of the device (or accessory) price is charged to you (70% is paid by us)

    in case of Scratch /Japan wifi rental
    in case of Damage /Japan wifi rental
    in case of Loss /Japan wifi rental
    We will provide free support for repairable malfunctions, such as battery not behaving predictably, or buttons not working. You could feel at ease, even if fatal damage has occurred due to dropping the device on the floor or in the water. If you buy the Premium insurance, you are covered for careless loss or theft of the device.

    About Delivery fee

    Free Delivery & Return

    ( except for the Premium Airport Delivery)

    No return fee ( Included Prepaid Envelope for Returning)

    Rental Steps.

    How to get your rental pocket WiFi

    How to get your rental pocket WiFi
    How to get your rental pocket WiFi


    Go to our order form and choose your rental plan.


    Make your payment.


    Get Device
    Collect your rental device at the designated location.


    Enclose the rental items in the included envelope and drop it in any postbox in Japan.

    Rental terms and conditions

    How to get your rental pocket WiFi
    How to get your rental pocket WiFi

    Rental term and conditions
    Please place your order at least 3 days prior to your rental date.
    Your rental pocket wifi will be ready for pick up one day before your start date.
    You can pick up your rental item anytime on your rental start date.
    Please be sure to drop your rental items by 12pm of one day after your end date.

    Wifi Delivery

    Where can I picke up rental pocket wifi?

    Easy Pickup

    You can pick up your rental WiFi at your arrival airport, hotel, residential address or one of the major post office

    We make sure that the device(s) arrive one day before requested pickup date in order to ensure smooth and easy pickup.

    Free Airport Delivery

    Please check the business hours of your pick up location to ensure you get your order on time.

    / Terminal 1
    [Dep.Central Bldg, 4F – Post Office]
    08:30-20:00  365days  MAP
    / Terminal 2
    [Dep.Main Bldg, 3F – Post Office]
    08:30-20:00  365days  MAP
    [Terminal 1 Bldg, 2F (South) – Post Office]
    09:00-17:00  365days  MAP
    [Dep.- YAMATO Baggage Service]
    06:30-21:30  365days  MAP
    [Tokoname Post Office Centrair Branch]
    09:00-17:00  365days  MAP
    New Chitose
    [Dep.Domestic Terminal, 2F – Post Office]
    09:00-17:00  365days  MAP

    Please use the Premium delivery when you pickup at Haneda Int. Air port

    Wifi Premium delivery for Airport

    Pocket WiFi Special 2020 Tokyo Olympic/ Paralympics Campaign
    – FREE Premium Airport Delivery!

    For customers arriving early morning or late night (other than normal business Hours), use premium delivery.

    / Terminal 1[Arr.- JAL ABC Counter]
    06:15-22:30  365days  1,420 JPY MAP
    [Arr.- JAL ABC Counter]
    24H  365days  1,220 JPY MAP
    New Chitose
    [Arr.- Temporary Baggage Storage]
    07:30-19:00  365days  1,620 JPY MAP
    [Arr.- YAMATO Transport Counter]
    07:30-21:30  365days  1,620 JPY MAP

    HOW TO RETURN Wifi Devices (FREE)

    Prepaid return envelope included !!

    Just drop off at any red mailbox in Japan !!


    When you get your package, you will receive the rental items, plus a prepaid return envelope.
    To return the device to us, please enclose the rental items in the prepaid return envelope, seal it, and then drop it in any mailbox.
    You will easily find mailboxes all around Japan, as well as at airports before the security gates.
    You do not have to return the rental items to our office counter directly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Why rent a pocket WiFi in Japan?

    The Wifi Environment in Japan

    I will be glad if this data is of useful information for those traveling in Japan.

    1. In Japan, there are almost no free Wifi environments.

    It is relatively easier to access Free WiFi in the United States and other countries, at places like McDonald’s and Starbucks, but it is a bit of a pain to get one in Japan as it usually requires your device to be pre-registered for the service.

    This registeration may be difficult for most foreigners.

    Furthermore, the security system of a free WiFi can be unreliable.
    The ID and password that you use daily to log in to your online accounts can be stolen, and you may encounter unexpected troubles. In some cases, the ID may even be used by the criminal to make you guilty of a crime that you have never done!

    Many hotels also provide WiFi, but often times, it is not free mainly because hotels hold a contract with a WiFi service company to provide the WiFi for the guests.

    Many countries, such as the United States, have many places with free WiFi, and are ready to welcome visitors.

    Moreover, there are no free WiFi or internet in dormitories for students studying abroad in Japan. In Tokyo, internet cafes require a Japanese ID, making it even more difficult for foreigners to get internet access.

    Long story short, internet access is limited not only in public areas, but also in restaurants and hotels, thus making practical uses of smart phones and laptops, like looking at maps, unavailable for travelers.

    We have Video instructions

    -It is a simple video, but we hope that this will help in making traveling in Japan easier. –

    GAC Pocket wifi and iPhone

    GAC 02 Pocket wifi and iPad

    2. About the Internet environment in Japan.

    Some people consider prepaid SIM cards over tablet computers and smart phones, but prepaid SIM cards in Japan can have strict limitations.

    1) Telephone call + Data Prepaid SIM.
    In Japan, only Japanese citizens or legal alien residents can purchase prepaid and post paid SIM cards with a telephone call function.
    Strict identification is performed for acquisition to prevent crimes using a mobile phone and travelers can only rent SIM cards with a telephone call function.

    2) Data communication Prepaid SIM cards.

    In Japan, prepaid SIM cards for data usage is not offered by major telecommunications companies(NTT DOCOMO, SOFTBANK, AU, E-mobile, etc), and companies that offer these services borrows a circuit from these major companies. Prepaid SIM cards for data offered by these companies are less costly.

    Our company had tested these offers by purchasing it as a customer, but it turned out that it was not able to provide a service that we had been able to offer. The reason was simple. The connection speed was not reliable. While the SIM cards were being advertised as having a speed of 7Mbps, 14 Mbps, etc, the speed we actually got was around 100 to 300kbps.

    This difference in speed was due to the sudden increase in demand for tablets and smartphones in Japan, causing the circuits of major telecommunication companies to do a blowout. Furthermore, because third party companies are able to get a hold of only the small circuits provided by the major companies, the original speed and efficiency of the SIM card was not unattainable.

    At our company, we rent out SIM cards directly from the major companies, so this is not of a concern.

    3) Universal Pocket Wifi
    he signal of the WiFi can reach a range of 20m diameter from the Pocket Wifi at any time.
    Moreover, because the encryption and the password of
    the pocket WiFi is known only to the user, the internet can
    be accessed with security.

    In Japan, there are two major pocket wifi’s:
     ① WIMAX
     ② LTE・4G


    ① has a service area that is narrow and can only be used in urban areas.


    ② is the newest standard and has become the mainstream of major telecommunication companies.Therefore, they offer a wide coverage area and has a maximum speed of 75 MPBS.

    Since LTE・4G has become the standard, We recommend considering LTE・4G if renting.

    Supporting Devices:
    They correspond to all Wifi connection apparatus (Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop etc.).The apparatus of any country can easily connect with Pocket Wifi.

    Connection method:
    The setting method changes with the connecting apparatus.
    Below is the basic flow.


    ① Turn on the pocket Wifi.


    ② Choose SSID of pocket Wifi (name of the network) .


    ③ Enter the password for connection. If a power supply is switched on, it will be connected immediately after the 2nd time